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ACRT Pacific Will Assist in Your Compliance Effort

Keeping up with compliance is a job full of constant challenges, particularly given the climate challenges of our region. We know that you are under scrutiny from regulators at the local and federal level. That’s why we make it our job to understand all of the rules and regulations surrounding utility vegetation management across the west coast and ensure that you comply.

At ACRT Pacific, our dedication to safe practices stretches back decades, as the founder of our parent company ACRT Services, Dick Abbott, was the chairman for the Z-133 Safety Standards Committee and one of the creators of the Tree Trimming Safety Standards that are still used today. We have a close relationship with safety and compliance standards, enabling our team to better advise you.

While we’re a part of ACRT Services, ACRT Pacific was formed specifically to help our customers address the challenging vegetation, geography, and climate we face in California. We know the risks you face, from fires to floods, so our team is trained to help you create a proactive approach to this unique environment. We also formed ACRT Pacific to assist customers with the difficulty of managing regulations in California.

Our success in compliance reviews, audits, and field assessments means you can depend on us as your partner for every regulatory requirement. Our ongoing dedication to training our team on compliance means you count on us to proactively keep you in front of future compliance issues and updates.

ACRT Pacific is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACRT Services. ACRT Services offers expert, independent consulting solutions to utilities and associated organizations throughout the United States, including vegetation management consultation and training, customized safety courses, technology solutions, and utility metering services. ACRT Services is an employee-owned company focused on empowering employees, customers, and the communities we serve. Learn more about how we’ve helped our clients reduce costs and improve reliability.