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Contract Utility Forester

contract utility forester

Contract Utility Foresters from ACRT Pacific

Your business is providing safe, reliable power to your customers. Our business is making sure you keep that commitment. At ACRT Pacific, we specialize in everything that is California.

Our consulting utility foresters (CUF) perform identification, inspection, and evaluation of trees and brush along utility lines and submit inspections results to clients with recommendations. We can become your liaison, planning and directing the activities of assigned tree clearance crews, and deal with customers on your behalf along the way. Finally, we can uphold quality with audits of work completed.

We put safety first, always, so you know that everything from our patrols to our approach to outage investigations follows a protocol that ensures the job is done correctly. In addition to putting safety first, all ACRT Pacific utility foresters are trained continuously. We encourage our CUFs to attain certifications through the International Society of Arboriculture and provide memberships to the Utility Arborist Association. Managing ACRT Arborist Training, the largest licensed arboriculture training organization in North America, our team is well-informed on techniques and regulations, accurate in their reports, and adaptable in the field.

ACRT Pacific is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACRT Services. ACRT Services offers expert, independent consulting solutions to utilities and associated organizations throughout the United States, including vegetation management consultation and training, customized safety courses, technology solutions, and utility metering services. ACRT Services is an employee-owned company focused on empowering employees, customers, and the communities we serve. Learn more about how we’ve helped our clients reduce costs and improve reliability.