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Environmental Analysis for Utilities and Associated Organizations

Environmental stewardship is more than a trend — it’s here to stay. Our Research, Science & Innovation (RSI) team serves as the premier provider of environmental analysis for utilities looking to improve and expand their sustainable stewardship efforts. Committed to advancing the scientific process, focusing on data-driven greenspace protocols, and building upon sustainable ideals and metrics, our RSI team — led by Dr. Anand Persad — offers a variety of laboratory services, AI solutions, urban forestry diagnostics, climate studies, plant dynamics and rhizosphere analyses, and more.

These programs along with Dr. Anand have been recognized across the industry with multiple awards, including the 2021 International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) L.C. Chadwick Award for Arboricultural Research and the ​​Award of Achievement by the Ohio Chapter of the ISA.

Examples of environmental analysis for utilities include:

  • Monitoring programs to track biological metrics and quantify program benefits
  • BIOaudit™ studies that provide a total earth-to-sky system greenspace assessment
  • Diagnostic analysis of soil, water, plant, bird, and insect identification
  • Identification of ongoing opportunities to promote long-term ecosystem health


A Biodiversity Analysis to Empower Your System

More than ever, utilities and associated organizations are being called upon by stakeholders and the public alike to explain their efforts in promoting pollinator and vegetation health throughout their territories. Historically, this has been difficult to quantify, making it even harder for utilities to justify their IVM efforts and communicate importance.

That’s why ACRT Services launched the BIOaudit™ assessment — to evaluate ROW corridor health and biodiversity over time and provide quantifiable data that vegetation management leaders can act upon and communicate with the world.

BIOaudit™ provides system-based ecological metrics for comprehensive, data-driven planning in managing right-of-way (ROW) vegetation. Our ROW Science Advisors assess multiple aspects of biodiversity in your corridors and green spaces — vertebrates, invertebrates, vegetation, soil, water, and more — to help quantify your integrated vegetation management (IVM) efforts, improve overall planning, and communicate impact with the public.

How BIOaudit™ Helps Vegetation Management Leaders

  • Evaluates and confirms IVM practices and results
  • Enables more proactive vegetation management
  • Identifies invasive species impacting ROW ecosystems
  • Ensures in-depth analysis via field collection software
  • Provides easy access to data via client portals
  • Informs the public via a tailored educational website
  • Enhances pollinator health and native species in ROWs
  • Supports environmental compliance efforts
  • Helps share environmental efforts with the public
  • Supports rare, threatened, and endangered species
  • Improves biomechanical understanding of tree zones

Learn more about our BIOaudit assessment.

See BIOaudit in Action

ACRT Services recently partnered with National Grid, a major electric and natural gas utility serving more than 20 million people throughout New England and New York. With an extensive commitment to environmental stewardship that reaches back more than 70 years, National Grid enlisted the RSI team at ACRT Services to perform a BIOaudit™ diversity study. Together they explored the impact of current integrated vegetation management (IVM) efforts and increased awareness of IVM in the greater community. Learn more about our work with National Grid and its impact.

Strengthen Your Commitment to Sustainable Stewardship with RSI

Whether you already have programs in place or are looking to take your stewardship initiatives to the next level, our RSI team provides the environmental analysis for utilities that you’ve been looking for. Connect with us today to learn more about our capabilities and how we’ll help you make a positive, lasting impact in your region.