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ACRT Pacific, Part of ACRT Service’s Long History of Serving Utility Companies

ACRT Pacific is owned by ACRT Services. As a company, our roots run deep. Founded in 1985, ACRT 100% employee-owned, independent, and customer-focused. Our primary objective is to be an end-to-end solution provider for utility companies so that they can provide safe and reliable service to their customers and members.

ACRT is the first and remains the largest, national commercial urban forestry consulting firm in the United States, and the first national line clearance, tree care, and urban forestry training organization.

Now, ACRT Pacific has grown from those roots to become its own company dedicated to the needs of the California market. This means our customers still get the same training and experience that ACRT customers have always had. The big change, however, is that our ACRT Pacific team is focused on nothing but the climate hazards and extremes of California. This specialized expertise means we can be a proactive partner in the risks you face ranging from fires to flash floods.

The Founding Story of ACRT

Dick Abbott and his wife Sue were the founding members of ACRT, officially incorporating the acronym Appraisal, Consulting, Research, and Training in February of that year. In the beginning, Dick and Sue ran the business out of their home, but the company quickly grew and eventually moved to Akron, Ohio where our headquarters are today.

As we’ve updated what we do, we’ve also updated how our companies work together. In 2018, we rolled out our ACRT Pacific brand to serve the unique challenges and risks associated with vegetation management in California. This means we’ve built out an organization with the deep roots of ACRT that has the training and experience to handle the circuit in California.