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Pre-Inspection/Work Planning

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Rely on ACRT Pacific for a Process and Team That Understands California’s Unique VM Challenges

You need a resource that proactively prevents your biggest vegetation management issues and resolves issues safely. You also need a partner who focuses on the unique challenges and risks associated with California.

At ACRT Pacific, we partner with our customers to monitor and assess their systems for vegetation liabilities, storm preparedness, and more. This transforms their utility vegetation management (UVM) programs from reactive to proactive. Over time, this helps utilities save hours and money, and better manage vegetation on their systems. Our California team is also trained in the unique climate extremes of your region, understanding how storms and droughts can affect vegetation over the long term.

An effective UVM program cycle begins with a thorough pre-inspection or work plan. Our arborists examine circuits for hazard trees, encroachment, and potential encroachment, as well as evaluate clearances. This data is then used to create detailed work plans for documenting vegetation species, locations, and growth rates, as well as specifying the most effective remediation methods.

ACRT Pacific is 100% independent—and that’s unique. It means that we’re concerned only with doing what’s best for your system. There’s nothing to gain by recommending more or less work than what’s needed. We give it to you straight—because that’s what drives our business. It’s our independent promise.

Our roots in and passion for arboriculture mean that our customers can rely on ACRT Pacific for a strategic solution to their vegetation issues. It’s the difference between one-time quick fixes and a comprehensive, proactive program that ups dependability—it’s what YOUR customers rely on.

ACRT Pacific is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACRT Services. ACRT Services offers expert, independent consulting solutions to utilities and associated organizations throughout the United States, including vegetation management consultation and training, customized safety courses, technology solutions, and utility metering services. ACRT Services is an employee-owned company focused on empowering employees, customers, and the communities we serve. Learn more about how we’ve helped our clients reduce costs and improve reliability.