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Love Is in the Air at ACRT Pacific: Matt Hebert and Tara Laughlin

March 3, 2023

Love Is in the Air at ACRT Pacific: Matt Hebert and Tara Laughlin

At ACRT Pacific, we’re built around our people. Our team is one big family — including ACRT Pacific Pre-Inspection Managers Matt Hebert and Tara Laughlin.

The duo meet during a new hire orientation class in July 2019 and the rest is history. “Since then, we have enjoyed our lives together and look forward to what our future holds,” shares Hebert.

In October 2022, he proposed to Laughlin on top of a fire watch lookout tower in the Sierra Buttes in Sierra City, Calif.

“What we love about our jobs is the ability to make our communities safer by identifying vegetation that could pose a risk to utility infrastructure in our division,” says Laughlin. “Another awesome perk is being able to see things that the average person wouldn’t i.e., scenery and nature that beautiful California has to offer.”

The duo raves about their teammates and notes, “we are so lucky to have amazing, hardworking, and dedicated people that we work with every day.”

Hebert and Laughlin describe their working relationship as being “fortunate to have each other.” Laughlin notes, “When we have a particularly difficult task that needs solving, we can always bounce ideas off each other — on or off the clock. We also understand each other’s jobs on a different level than most couples who don’t work together. We understand each other struggles and it makes us stronger together, as they always say, two is better than one.”

Outside of ACRT Pacific, the two enjoy spending their time together at home with their wonderful animals and exploring the wilderness.

Laughlin reflects, “We look forward to what the future holds for us at ACRT Pacific and vegetation management as a whole. We are proud to work for our wonderful community.”

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