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Fred Benton Celebrates 10 Years with ACRT Pacific

January 4, 2023

Fred Benton Celebrates 10 Years with ACRT Pacific

Submitted by Danny Godwin, assistant operations manager, ACRT Pacific

Fred Benton celebrated the 10-year mark with ACRT Pacific and shared the following.

I joined ACRT in 2012, following 24 years in the aerial photography industry doing Aerial Data Acquisition Mapping. This change was motivated by the loss of my wife and best friend, Becky, in 2011.

I began with ACRT Pacific, working out of the Richmond office, as a distribution consulting utility forester (CUF) in the Diablo Division. After that, I did a six-month stint as a transmission CUF out of the Oakland office before transferring to the Davis office. I took on additional responsibilities as a Case Lead for two years until I was asked to take on the role of auditor-trainer for a few months before moving to EA in late 2021.

I have enjoyed my time with ACRT Pacific, where there are always new challenges, and new things to learn and every day is different.

ACRT Pacific Admin

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