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2021 ACRT Pacific Area Safety Representatives (ASRs)

June 9, 2021

2021 ACRT Pacific Area Safety Representatives (ASRs)

The ACRT Services family of companies ASR program began as a pilot in 2010. Based on the success of the program and its contribution toward our culture of safety, it became an annual program. ASR members assist in safety communications, safety auditing, identifying at-risk behaviors, near-miss reviews, and incident investigations. Members are safety champions and serve as a conduit between safety management and field employees. They aid in the training and tracking of safety-related items throughout their region and mentor those that need extra help.

Meet the leadership and newly appointed members of the ACRT Pacific ASR team:

  • Kerry Joseph, lead ASR and lead arborist assessor
  • Jonny Cervantes, consulting utility forester 2
  • Matt Hebert, consulting utility forester 4
  • Kurt Kraut, consulting utility forester 2
  • Luke Martinez, non-arborist assessor
  • Claire Meuter, non-arborist assessor
  • Ben Nelson, supervising consulting utility forester
  • Sheila Noel, consulting utility forester 2
  • Gregory Pieper, consulting utility forester 2
  • Kenneth Stonier, consulting utility forester 4
  • Erin Whitcomb, estimating arborist

Learn more about our safety philosophy.

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