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The Power of Family: The Smiths in UVM

January 19, 2021

The Power of Family: The Smiths in UVM

Across our organization, we think of our team members as a family. Often, the experiences of one person lead to his or her significant other coming aboard as well. That was the case for Devin and Regina Smith, ACRT Services employees that provide dedicated support to ACRT Pacific.

The Smiths own a ranch in California. When Devin was injured in an auto accident and on disability from his job at a logistics company, he became the ranch caretaker. Enjoying the outdoor work, he decided to put his degree in fisheries and wildlife biology to use in a new career. He applied with our organization to work in the best office on earth: the great outdoors.

Regina is no stranger to vegetation management — she spent more than 20 years in utility tree services. When Regina was looking for her next opportunity, she remembered the positive things Devin said about his new company and decided to join up.

Today, the Smiths work in different departments — fleet management for Devin and finance for Regina — but share a similar appreciation for our organization and the role it plays in the industry.

“The ACRT Services family of companies are great to work for,” Devin said. “They make you feel like you’re part of the family. I never knew people did this type of work and all the technical aspects that go into it. It’s an enriching career.”

“You can’t go wrong with a company like this,” Regina said. “Everyone I’ve spoken with is friendly, helpful, and happy. The organization is truly filled with positivity.”

Outside of work, the Smiths enjoy hunting, fishing, caring for pets and livestock, working out, and spending time with family.
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