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Spotlighting Our California Employee-Owners

February 22, 2021

Spotlighting Our California Employee-Owners

As an organization offering an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), we at ACRT Pacific wanted to showcase two of our outstanding employee-owners, how they’ve built their careers, and what they believe employee ownership means for those considering a career in this industry.

Nikki Stone

Nikki Stone is an ISA-certified arborist that joined our organization as a consulting utility forester in 2016. In 2018, she was promoted to supervisory consulting utility forester and was promoted again just one year later to assistant operations manager. As an employee-owner, she appreciates the support she receives while contributing to the company’s growth.

“ACRT Pacific is unlike any company I’ve ever worked for. Their dedication to their employees is absolutely unmatched in the industry and anywhere else I’ve experienced. The industry itself is expanding rapidly, with tons of opportunity at every level. Utility vegetation management provides an exciting, ever-changing, and challenging industry to start and grow your career. And as an employee-owner, the work you do matters and it is rewarding to see the impact that your hard work makes.”

Carly Harrower

Cary Harrower joined us in 2014 as a consulting utility forester in Northern California. She was promoted one year later to a supervisory position and again to operations manager in 2016. Earlier this year, her hard work paid off once again as she was promoted to senior operations manager. In this new role, she is responsible for numerous projects throughout California. Carly is an ISA-certified arborist and sits on the steering committee for the Rights-of-Way Symposium by the UAA.

“ACRT Pacific has allowed me to grow in amazing ways. I’ve been able to put my skills to work in the field and advance quickly while benefiting from the success of our organization. As an employee-owner, I am proud to see how my individual performance benefits the long term success of our organization. Our organization encourages industry contributions and participation, which not only helps you learn more about the industry but also grow your career.”

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