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Leadership Insights for a Challenging Time

January 29, 2021

Leadership Insights for a Challenging Time

In today’s world, effectively managing people and leading teams has never been more essential. The ongoing pandemic and regulatory environment have created new obstacles apart from those already associated with the utility vegetation management industry that leaders must be prepared to navigate.

“With everything going on right now, people are facing new stressors that we haven’t seen in decades,” said Bryan Durr, director of operations for ACRT Pacific. “It’s a challenging time for everyone, and as leaders, we need to be working hard to understand our people, keep them connected, and support teams as they go about their important work.”

Throughout our organization, we’ve placed greater emphasis on communication — in the field and in the office. In every touchpoint, upholding the communication principles of honesty, transparency, and clear direction from leaders to strengthen our working relationships, build trust, and keep moving forward.

And to ensure our employees are empowered to reach higher and achieve more despite not seeing one another or navigating uncertainties, our leaders are investing time in coaching and mentoring practices.

“A key part of our approach is providing guidance for employees at all times,” Durr said. “Whether it’s turning mistakes into opportunities or providing coaching so they’re set up for success in their projects, we believe that employees stand on the shoulders of their managers. It’s our job to give them the foundation they need now and for future roles.”

The entire world — not just our industry — is facing a variety of new challenges. As many occur in our personal lives, leaders don’t always see these. We must be cognizant of what our people may be going through. We encourage all leaders in our industry — even the most experienced — to invest time in learning about your employees, what their goals are, and how you can support them.

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